A Future Kind of Love with Lindsey from RogueWays

On this episode, I am joined with Lindsey, from RogueWays. She is like a modern day Renaissance woman. From writing, to art, to tarot, to jewelry making. She really is facilitating all sorts of healing energy into the world. 

We discuss life, addiction, growing up in church, spiritual awakenings and spiritual gifts. We talk about how she met her soul mate online, and the shadow work it has taken to arrive in this place. 

I know, this episode sounds like its all just witchcraft and woowoo... well, it is. But, its practical magic, too. We talk about this weird reality, and ways we can help each other thrive through it. It's a survivor's love story, from the future.

To find Lindsey, and all things Rogueways, go to quorrischarmyn.com.

To join Lindsey's amazing community head over to Rogue.Locals.com.

Find her on YouTube, Rokfin, Instagram & Twitter. 

Seek her out for Spiritual Guidance, Tarot Readings, Books, Jewelry and more.

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