Over the years, I have been blessed and humbled to have met so many incredible humans. Brilliant, kind, creative, and infinitely inspiring people from all over the world. Many of whom have become dear friends of mine.

I have the pleasure of sharing some of them with you and hope you are able to support and share them with your favorite people as well.


- Tilden Jeans @tildenshop on IG. Selvage denim and other fine woven goods made by Tilden Yamamoto in Whitehall, Montana. Traditional sewing on a single needle, straight stich Singer. Her clothing pieces are truly unique with unmatched quality that just does not exist anywhere else. I know you've probably seen me wearing one of her pieces. I love it so much! Check out her wares and the story of her brand, I know you'll love what she creates.


- Danger Shades @ejmoonshot on IG and I have had the honor of owning several pairs of EJ's Danger Shades. And honestly, they are the absolute best photochromatic sunglasses out there! If you've seen photos of me with glasses or shades on, there is a 99% chance they are from this guy. I cannot recommend them enough. Also, he is a really cool dude, with a really interesting birthmark. IYKYK.