Are you ready to be inducted into the coolest and fastest growing Secret Society on the web? Well, this group of misfits is for you! Each Friday at midnight (EST), myself and the other Good Guys, live stream on YouTube discussing everything from Agartha to Mothman to Saturn worship and Britney... because well, if you know, you know.... No topic is off limits, costumes are encouraged, and an open mind is required. Come hang out with us for great conversation, lots of laughs, and some really rad guests! 

Meet the Good Guys!

- Find Thomas @ParanoidAmerican on IG, and X,,, and,  where you can navigate his incredible collection of comics, stickers and HOURS of entertainment about hidden tales, shadowy theories, and suppressed stories that the mainstream isn't telling you. 



 - Abbie @Abbstract1 on IG and TicTok. Former badass teacher turned badass professional bodybuilder, proud mom with a free spirit and heart for adventure. An all around inspiring and incredible human being. 


- Gordy @gordy_two_shoes on IG, @gordy2shoes on X, and on YouTube. His superpower is talking with owls (soooo many beautiful owls), healing himself and has an infinite pull to nature.


- Layla @god_pill_angel33 and @god_pill_angel333 on IG, @god_pill_angel33 on TicTok, and @LaylaBeee on X. Known for the craziest algorithm on the socials, questions everything, and definitely took the "God pill". A true Muse....