Accidental Psychic with Kara Mosher from The Let's Be Friends Podcast

What happens to a spiritually gifted person, in a 3rd dimensional world? Do we call them crazy? Do we mock them? Do we disregard their feelings and instincts, because we don't have the tools to see the world as they do? Would we decide to give them 30,000 pills to keep them "normal'? What is normal, anyway?

On this episode, I sit down with author, singer, songwriter, energy worker, podcast host, spiritual healer and a Member of The Orion Council of Light, in the flesh, Kara Mosher.

We chat about being caught in a medical system, dealing with depression, psychedelics. Also, having your spiritual awakening, and what its like when your telepathic and psychic powers turn on. And, what does your partner do, when all of this is happening to you.

Are you ready for interdimensional shit? You want to learn about the Galactic Federation of Light? Do you want to know who you were in a past life, or what star system may be trying to assist you in this one? If you are ready to expand your consciousness, and heighten you mood, you are going to love this episode of Project Chaney.

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