Aleister Crowley with Mystic Mark from My Family Thinks I’m Crazy

On my 2nd video episode of Project Chaney, I sit with Mystic Mark from My Family Thinks I’m Crazy. He goes over some of his findings and research on The Beast, Aleister Crowley.

What cults, religions and teachings did Aleister follow or create? Are any of the stories of him true, or myth and folklore? Are his writings just low level smut, or is there some resonance in Crowley’s philosophies? Is Aleister  just a wannabe Merlin or could he have been a powerful enough magician to open portals to other worldly dimensions? 

Are you ready to find out what one may do to disguise a Forrest Gump-type superspy? Could Crowley have been a serial killer? Is he related to Barbara Bush? 

Do what thou wilt.

Season 2. Episode 2.

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