An Examined Life with Daniel from Know Thyself Podcast

Do you ever sit and ponder so many different outcomes and ideas that you feel like there are no trees left in your philosophical forest? Do you long for a time where great minds stood on soap boxes, and maybe, discover the keys to the universe? Or, are you desperate to find the people, encouraging you to think outside your own box?

On this episode, Daniel and I talk philosophy, conspiracy, magic, ritual. We get into our ideas of Eden and Christ. How much of your favorite movie plots are from these ancient ideas, and discuss some of our favorite pop-culture examples. What about your favorite religious texts? Yeah, we are all over some of that, too.

Are you ready to expand your way of thinking? Are you prepared to blow the lid off the Pandora's Box of your mind? Will that lead to an expansion of the heart and soul? Will it even matter if the tree doesn't make a noise? Sounds like you need more, Know Thyself Podcast, in your life.

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