Build Your Own Better with Ed from Truthzilla

Alright, monster obsessed truth addicts. I am finally sitting down with the one and only, Ed from the Truthzilla podcast. He is a freedom fighter out of Oregon, who is putting his money where his mouth is. Not just for himself, but for his family and children.

Sometimes this crazy world has a way of making us feel very alone. But, until you open up your mouth, you have no idea who agrees with you. Ed and I discuss our own double lives. The masks we have to wear, rules we have to follow to fit in to society and when those rules just don't make sense anymore.

Do you think this entire charade is bullsh*t? The masks, the vacc!nes, the Kate Browns of it all, getting you down? Did you think you were woke, and really had no idea how devious the plan was? Are you nervous about your child getting jabbed up with heavy metals and animal DNA? Would you give up your place in the bread line, to just "Manifest" a gathering of like minded individuals? Do you think you are the last free man in communist Oregon? 

Then this is just the episode for you.

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