Crafting Reality with Caleb Spears from The Primal Beast

Sometimes when you want to retreat, the universe has a strange way of getting you to come out to play. That is what happened to me on this episode of Project Chaney.

It was divinely-timed that I sit down with Caleb Spears (no relation to Britney) and discuss the illusion of this here realm. We talk about the realities of magic, playing with energies and he maybe even helps me meet one of my spirit guides.

Is "The Great Reset" setting you back? Do you sometimes feel like something is working either for or against you, but you can't quite explain it? Are you just a normal run of the mill person, who has just woken up to your super human abilities? Or, are you just looking for a good ol' fashioned LARP for your inner-child? Well, this might be just the episode for you.

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