Divine Timing with Bianca from Earth Angel Reiki

On this episode of Project Chaney, I sit down with Reiki Master, beautiful wife, amazing mother and my friend, Bianca.

She explains her spiritual journey, and some of the life moments that have lead her to this place and path. She discusses a little about her practice of energy healing, and how it works. Bianca even humors me with my fascination of mermaids, and tells me some folklore of Jamaica's own mythological friends.  

Do you think you have tried on all routes to God, or Source? Do you feel like you are too old to have an "awakening"? Does your religion now, discourage asking questions? Do you feel like an alien amongst the humans, and no one seems to get it? Or, is something deep in your soul, telling you, "its time to heal." 

For all things Earth Angel Reiki, or to set up a session, go to: @Earth.Angel.Reiki on Instagram.

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