Feral Phonebooth with Lindsay Foreman from Consciousness On Tap

Ready to know where the wild things are? If anyone knows, it might be Lindsay. Don't get excited, we don't talk about the book. But, we do talk about what it was like to know you were different your entire life. What is it like to know another realm exists when your a child, and no one believes it? What is it like when that happens to an adult?

I sit down with Lindsay Foreman from Spirit Junkie and Consciousness Untapped, to discuss the crazy perils of this here reality and how long we have been playing along. We skip around HAARP weather control, dance through sound healing and make no apologizes for the myriad of random side line convos that happen in between.

Are you stuck in a revolving door of life, that feels never-ending? Are you at a spiritual dead end? Does this entire communist narrative feel way too off? Or, are you sitting in the middle of an Alaskan Harbor and just want off the f*cking boat? If any of these ring true, then this is the episode for you.

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