Herstory of the Universe with Marisa Acocella

Ever think there is more to human history than the winners are telling us about? Think there is more to Mary, than just being a Virgin or a whore? Do you theorize about Isis and wonder about Malala? Have you ever heard the concept of Pope Joan? 

If you feel like the divine female has been "Holy Ghosted" out of history, are questioning the narrative of the last few years or are just wanting a completely other perspective, then this is just the episode for you.

I sit down with New York Times bestselling author, cartoonist and incredible artist, Marisa Acocella. We go through her book, "The Big She-Bang - The Herstory of The Universe According to God the Mother.” She blows my mind with "her" story of our realm and how we came to be. Get your pen and paper ready, we’ve got some rabbit holes in this one.

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