Infinite Playtime with John Paul Rice

Episode #37

Infinite Playtime with John Paul Rice

Do you feel like the realities of your existence are more outlandish than a movie? Have the traumas you survived become your armor or your sword? Can you pinpoint the experience that your childhood ended? When was the last time you played? If you are desperately trying to reconnect with your inner-child, this might be just the episode for you.

The week on Project Chaney, I finally get the pleasure of sitting down with film maker, trauma survivor and all around amazing being, John Paul Rice. 

We discuss growing up in not so pleasant situations and the work it takes to heal from your childhood. We talk about the Church of Hollywood and the propaganda and brainwashing of Tinseltown. We share our personal experiences in DC on January 6th. We get into the divinity and light that exist in all of us and some of the ways we need to start being kids again.

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