It's Ok to Not Know with Ricky from The Union of The Unwanted & The Ripple Effect Podcast

On this episode of Project Chaney, Ricky Varandas and I sit down to discuss everything from the massive amount of propaganda we have all been taking in and the way it  conditions our lives, to finding the words to relieve your trauma and the courage to say those words out loud. The psyop we are all collectively living through has gotten absurd and we want to talk about it.

Is reality starting to feel more and more like conspiracy? Are you starting to think Alex Jones might be right about things? Are you a person who thought you had all the answers for lives mysteries yesterday, but now can't even figure out the shape of earth? Or, are you just trying to piece the words together of your own healing?

Alrighty fellow victims of the information explosion. You looking for a reasonable voice? Do you maaaybe need to nerd out on MMA or UFC and don't mind when we geek out for a few minutes too? Or, are you an old school conspiracy head who knows an OG when you hear it? If any of this rings true, then this is just the episode for you.

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