Loving Your Dæmon with Lindsey Scharmyn from Rogueways

Are you tired of beating yourself up? Has staring in the mirror and hating your own flesh gotten you nowhere? Is finding your place among the angels feeling like a chore? Are you ready to hug your inner beast? 

On this episode of Project Chaney, I sit down with one of my spiritual sanseis, Lindsey Scharmyn. We discuss loving your own darkness, get into a little of the trucker convoy, talk about meeting your spirit guides and philosophize Yahweh. 

Are you sick and tired of this weak-ass New World Order? Are you exhausted from telling the world, "I told you so?" Are you sitting in a freezing cold semi-truck wondering how you are going to afford gas to get home from Ottawa? Or, are you chilling on a beach, treating your demon to a little rest and relaxation? 

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