Owning My Scarlett Letter

Oh you guys, what don't I talk about? I mean, that won't piss you off? I go into Michael Jordan conspiracy, a little. Maybe discuss what I think may have happened to his father. I tear apart a few of the cartoons I watched as a kid and some of the characters who were assholes, even then. 

Have you seen "Big Trouble in Little China" or think the plot of "The Golden Child" is suspect?
Do you remember the movie "Signs", and think it might need a re-watch? Are we collectively living through "Back to The Future", or is it really looking a little more like "Ghostbusters?"

Alright knights of the conspiracy castle, if you are ready to dig up your entire lawn for a vegetable garden, trade in your Deloreon for a horse, or you may just be starting to think that there is more than one truth, this may be the episode for you.

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