Perfectly Imperfect with Buffalo from False Reality Check

Has the New World Order pushed you out of your career? Has communism and control made you UHaul your entire existence to a new frontier? Is the idea of living "off grid" intriguing, but you can't even cook a meal without the microwave? Then this just might be the episode for you.

This week on Project Chaney, I sit down with half of the False Realty Check Podcast, Buffalo. We don't just discuss inflation, desperation and looming despair, we discuss what we are actually going to do about it. Are you trying to survive? Or are you here to thrive?

Put your black pill away and just lean in to the idea of true love and soul mates. What if the rails of life aren't meant for you anymore? What if you have a partner in crime? Maybe we all have a higher calling and maybe this podcast will inspire you to find yours.

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