Prisoners of War with Red Pill Babe from Mostly Peaceful Latinas

On this episode, I finally sit down with Bella, Red Pill Babe. We get crisscross applesauce, roll a joint and chat about life under "The New World Order." She discusses her family’s  journey from Cuba, her local battles with Miami politics, a stolen American election, Governor DeSantis, Jesus, Trump, salvation and her brand new podcast.

Are we really in a world where you beg for a Russian invasion of Washington DC? Has the weight of words like communism, Nazi and Antifa lost their meaning? Did you learn about what a Constitutional Republic was in school? Do you realize you are a Prisoner of War? If any or all of these thoughts enter your brain, this might be just the episode for you.

For ALL things Red Pill Babe go to:
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Also, check out her NEW podcast, Mostly Peaceful Latinas, everywhere you get your podcast. Or, follow them on Instagram @mostlypeacefulatinas

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