Righteous Anger with Natly Denise

Do you recall learning about Pizzagate, Disney or The United States Border and just assuming everything was a conspiracy? Did you learn of the Clinton Foundation’s crimes in Haiti and believe it was all just right-wing rhetoric? Are things like organ harvesting, adrenochrome and dark rituals, just too much for your brain to comprehend? If you are new to The Mickey Mouse façade or an old school researcher of Epstein Island, then this might be just the episode for you.

This time, I sit with Natly Denise. She educates me on the real issues at the border. We discuss the epidemic that is happening all over the world, the horrors of child pornography, the worsening of the digital age, and some scripture that help Natly find peace.

Are you sick of sitting on your hands? Have you or your friends survived an internet bullying campaign? Are you looking for a better Bible study? Do you not think one person can change the world?

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