Saved with Megan from Truthzilla

In a world of conspiracy, sometimes having faith in anything in mocked or ridiculed. Sometimes our connection to God, or the Realm, or even each other is lost. Sometimes faith finds us in the most unlikely of time or place. Sometimes a friend finds us 3,000 miles away.

On this episode of Project Chaney, I am not only lucky enough to sit down with one of the coolest podcast hosts in the game. But, you guys get to meet on of my favorite internet friends. 

We chat about Saviors, faith, love lost, love found, children, church, Communist Oregon, suicide, trauma and even sex on psychedelics. I make her humor some of my crazy Bible conspiracies, and she opens up about where she is today. 

To find Megan, hit her up on Instagram @heretic.girl

For all things Truthzilla, go to You can also find them on platforms like Instagram, Telegram and Type in Truthzilla, and looks for the BIG GREEN MONSTER!

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