The Mandala Effect with Nicky from OneCosmicLove.

We are told we create our own reality. Does this mean everything? The good and the bad? All of the beautiful sunsets, all of the uncontrollable laughter, all the sweet tears of joy. But, why would we bring the traumatic events into our existence? The rapes, heartbreaks, deaths? Are we ready to take responsibility for these things, too?

On, this episode, I sit down with Alchemic Healer and Counselor, Nicky to discuss our lifetime journey's through sexual and other traumas. As well, as past lifetimes. Where we may be holding onto a lot bigger resentments then you can even humanly imagine. 

Want to get your glowing energy wings and Mandala's in check? Then please enjoy this convo with Nicky and I.

For all art, healing, guidance: slide into Nicky's DM's @onecosmiclove on Instagram.

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