Where We Go One, We Go All with Graffanati

Well, well, well. Looks like we are snapping timelines and opening portals with this episode, but if Graff and I can't sit down and break bread over Qanon, what is this world coming to? 

Not only do Graffanati and I get into the most shadow banned letter in the world. But, we also get into our current President, Donald Trump. Discuss General Flynn, William Barr, and all your other favorite cast of characters from the last 4 years. Shit, we may even surprise you with the Britney Spears connection to the whole thing.

 Are you waking up to your manifestation powers? Do you think the election was stolen, and feel like nothing is being done about it? Are you super curious about Qanon, and feel like HBO and CNN aren't giving you the full truth? Do you keep hearing things about Dan Scavino and Mr. Pool, and don't know who the f*ck these people are? Or, are you just a fan of drama, and wonder how this whole sit-down is going to go?

I hope you are pleasantly surprised. 

For all things Graff, hit him up on instagram @Graffanati19. 
Or, check out his podcast "The Graff Cast" on Youtube. 

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